So, this is what blogging feels like..

Well, hello the people of the cyber-world! Wow. I feel so powerful talking to someone via their computer..whoa. Anyway, this is Molly, one of the fantastic authors of this blog. So, Alicia and I created this blog as a “parody” to the movie/book Julie and Julia where Julie Powell wrote a blog as she traveled through Julia Child’s cookbook. Gosh, that was such a good movie. Well anywho, Alicia was inspired to document our summer. And boy, it will be a good one. Now person who is sitting reading this blog whom I love very much, thanks, you are probably wondering when will the real stuff..the meat of this blog..happen..????!! Well, patience my dear and soon this whole new adventure will begin. Just wait about oh a month or two and BOOM! this will be a whole, functioning blog (WITH PICTURES!! WOOT!!) Well, I must part. This whole “school” thing is consuming my young and restless life. I must go. Tear, tear.

Good day to our readers and I beg you good night.
Much love.
♥Molly and Alicia


16 thoughts on “So, this is what blogging feels like..

  1. Alicia & Molly,
    I heart your blawg!
    They background is ah-dorable x 10, and I luh-v the pages!
    I am beyond thrilled to read more posts awn your blawg, I will make sure to subscribe(:
    Chin up beautiful,
    Alicia Rivera

  2. Great idea!!! I am so proud of both of you. Keep it up and make me prouder, as if that could happen…

  3. That’s such a cool idea! I can’t wait to read about all the cool stuff you do during the summer. I wish summer would come sooner!!!

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