#50 Get Bikes

Hello there. It’s Alicia and Molly and we would like to inform you that although it is not summer. we have yet again completed another one of the items on our list. Molly and I have needed bikes for a while to commute to and from summer school (no, we’re not bad and failed) and to go other places, and other fun stuff. We bought our fantabulous bikes at target. We  looked hard to try and find the bikes on target’s website and we for some odd reason were not able to find our bikes; so we could show you all a picture but, the  bikes are in our garages and you will all be able to see them when we ride them in our other list items.

Well to our much adored viewers, we must bid adieu to you all.

-Alicia and Molly. 🙂

And remember, 81 days won’t last forever.


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