130.Eat breakfast outside. and 138. Look At Clouds

Hello again to out lovely internet viewers. Well, we have yet again completed things on our bucket list today. Well, we looked again at our list because we knew that could watch was on our list and we realized that eat breakfast outside was on there too. If you watched our video blog you will know that we ate breakfast at Panera. Also that we both got Cinnamon Crunch Bagels and got Frozen Mochas. But whatever. You already knew we did that so just going to make it blog official.

Now onto the actual fun. We wanted to attempt to stay outside all day but about an hour ago, Molly had to go home because the  two uof us had homework to do and finals to study for. But until then, we wanted to attempt to tan and watch clouds. There weren’t any cool looking clouds today. We did see however, a heart and before i could get my camera there was a shark and a hippo. Image

It’s in the middle ish. If you guys see any others, let us know.

Oh and a little piece of information that you all lovely people should know is that (according to us via our vlog) it is National ‘Ish Day.” May 19th is now officially (ish) National “Ish Day.” Just thought that you all should know.


Anyway, homework calls.

Much love and Summer fun,

Alicia and Molly.

And as always, 81 days won’t last forever



5 thoughts on “130.Eat breakfast outside. and 138. Look At Clouds

  1. hey guys, eating breakfast sounds so cool!!! i bet it was fun!!! aw yeah, hw and finals the 2 bad things that stop u from having fun!!! ohh haha i sometimes do the cloud thing too!!! nice pics!!! is that u two at the end, aww u guys are such cuties!!!
    much love,

  2. I always find myself starring at the clouds too. Nice picture at the end 🙂


    ps. I like your shell necklace. I don’t know whether you’re Molly or Alicia… Sorry :p

  3. Cool to see you girls starting your adventure… You have countdown calendars over to the right, you should add an activity counter too, you’d be at 6 (7 ish) of 144. It would be cool to see your progress right there in your sidebar… Just a thought.

    Good Luck!

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