And the adventure begins…


At 8:00 am this morning, we were freshmen, just trying to survive the harsh life of high school. Then at 9:15 when the long awaited bell rang, we were free.

Free of troubles, free of homework, free of all the cares in the world. And now, our adventure begins. Well, it started on April 30th when we made our cupcakes, then when we got our bikes and so on. But now here we go. Let’s make these 81 days be great.

Much love and Summer fun,

Alicia and Molly,

So here we go, 81 days won’t last forever. 🙂


6 thoughts on “And the adventure begins…

    • Not really sure on how to message people so, all we did was go to the dashboard and clicked on appearance. There, you can edit everything from the theme, the widgets on the side bar, and other fun stuff like that. It’s really easy to navigate!
      Happy Summer
      Alicia and Molly

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