#2, #34, #71, #118, and #127

Check out we did today. Today is the first vlog where we didn’t say ish! What an accomplishment!


2 thoughts on “#2, #34, #71, #118, and #127

  1. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please check out my blog for details – judysp.wordpress.com

    • Thanks..
      So on the rules page it said to include seven facts about us for you..
      1.) This blog is written by two teenagers named Alicia and Molly
      2.) We are celebrating a summer of fun!
      3.) Alicia’s birthday is in 3 days (and she is very excited..we had to include it on this list..)
      4.) We will be Sophomores in the fall
      5.) We like to write..and laugh at ourselves during vlogs.. 🙂
      6.) We are enjoying summer thus far..
      7.) We can’t thank you enough for nominating us! We are so honored. 🙂

      There you go! Hope that was ok…

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