#6, #80, #81, #134, and #140

Hey everyone,

Today, as with yesterday, we completed 5 list items. The rush for competing all of these things was because of what we said in our vlog yesterday, we were MIA. So, with mid-June here and with my basketball camp and Molly’s summer school, the weekend is the only time we have to do stuff. So, we said why not?

6. Go to a farmers’ market. Buy at least one weird thing you’ve never eaten before.

Yesterday, we planned to do this one because of the fact the farmer’s market in our town in on Saturdays from 8-1. 1st, we biked to our high school with my newly fixed bike, because Molly is going to be biking to and fro summer school and she wants to know what time she has to leave in the morning. After that, we biked on over to the market. When we got there, the gist of the stuff there was food but it was food that we have already had. Darn. We didn’t want to buy girl scout cookies from these obnoxious girls or honey, etc. Molly bought some really good peaches and some strawberries. Yes, we have already had those foods. For the weird food I bought slender asparagus. Did it taste different from regular asparagus? No. But we had never had it and the farmers’ market lacked ‘weird’ foods.

Then we went back to Molly’s house, There, we decided to do 140. Make play dough.. It was fun and there was an abundance of colors, well red, blue, green, and yellow. We mixed those colors and ended up with pink, blue, green, orange, and purple. Then, with our child-like souls we had to mix all of the colors to make brown, why not? Image



That was fun. Then while Molly was making lunch, I decided to do 80. Write a letter to the editor. We saw this one, and in lieu of the bucket list, we decided to email Ann from Seventeen magazine about our summer plans, only because in the May issue, she asked.

Hi Ann. This is Alicia and Molly. In a recent issue of seventeen, we read that you wanted to know our Summer Plans.
For our Summer plans, we have created a Summer to do List that we are blogging about at https://81dayswontlastforever.wordpress.com
It would be a true honor if you would check it out.
Thanks a bunch
And remember 81 days won’t last forever
Alicia and Molly

So, that was it. Then, we ate our lunch. It was rather good. The three-cheese tortellini and the strawberries complimented the asparagus rather well.


The strawberries were placed on the plate after my brilliant photo op. Then. because of our love of the pasta, we were going to complete 134. Call the customer service (of a service provider you like) to thank them for great service. We were going to create a youtube video of the phone call because unless we want to pay, we can’t just have sound on wordpress. So, we called them, no open on Sunday. After calling other places like General Mills and Pillsburry, we gave up and attempted to watch the video. The sound of Molly’s laptop was not working with us, so instead we changed #134 to. Call the customer service (of a service provider you like).

After 8 minutes, of the woman at Sony’s customer service telling us what to do with the computer, Molly and I got frustrated and just hung up on her,. Oops. So we then finally have decided that #134 shall be Call customer service. I tweeted Sony on twitter in hopes that they will help Molly with the problem and to hopefully apologize to us for wasting 8 minutes of our lives. I was extremely disappointed with the service and don’t plan on calling again.

To get out minds off of that, we decided that some Pandora was necessary and the start of 55. Fill up a whole coloring book. was in order. Earlier, Molly was telling me how ‘What Makes you Beautiful’ by One Direction. So when I brought up #81 Pick an official summer song, we thought it should be that. It’s a really catchy song and I have to say that I am a fan.

After listening to Pandora and attempting to fill up the coloring book (3/20), we got bored and I went home. So all in all, we got so much accomplished. We got 5 things to cross off the list, we reached 3,000 views, and we were given the versatile blogger award. Great day for 81dayswontlastforever.

Much love and Summer fun,

Alicia and Molly 😀


5 thoughts on “#6, #80, #81, #134, and #140

  1. 8 minutes is precious at your age, damn right you should hang up on Sony – their loss – though they already make like a trizzilion dollars a minute wasting every one else’s time – I hope Just17 realise just how awesome you two are! But what are you going to do next girls? I’d love to see you do a ‘Xmas special’ as the Northern Hemisphere Winter approaches – you two make me smile, a lot xx

  2. I am so jealous that you guys are already in summer break. I have a couple of days to go before then. I cannot wait! Looking forward to the next thing you cross off your list. 🙂

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