62. Go to Build-A-Bear Workshop

Well hello readers!

So today was a very delightful summer day for Alicia and me.  We went to Build-A-Bear Workshop in order to celebrate Alicia’s belated 15th birthday. She’s never been to Build-A-Bear and I wanted to let her have the experience.  Now, for all those who have no idea what Build-A-Bear is, it is a place where you take the “skins” of a stuffed animal and then you get it stuffed and then you have a new furry friend.

Here is Alicia with the “skins” of her dachshund.

Then, after you pick out your animal, you then are able to get your animal stuffed and then you make a wish on a heart and poof! you’re animal is stitched up and it is finally yours.

Alicia is holding the heart she wished on before it went into her dog.

Me while my fox is being stuffed

So then Alicia and I went over to the clothes part of the store and we got clothes for our animals.And thus, here we are with our newest stuffed animals.

Here’s Alicia with Darcy the Dachshund.

Me with my Fennec fox Czarina..yes I know.. Czarina–it’s the Russian word for Queen. People don’t like it, but I do.

So yes. I am very happy that Alicia and I were able to celebrate her 15th birthday with  new furry friends. 🙂

Well, that’s all for today folks. Remember 81 days won’t last forever!!

Much love and summer fun!

Love Alicia, Molly, Darcy, and Czarina


11 thoughts on “62. Go to Build-A-Bear Workshop

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  2. I love Build-a-Bear! My boyfriend and I got them on our 1 year anniversary, and now it’s 5 1/2 years later and I still sleep with mine every night! It’s a nice reminder of each other. Looks like you guys had a fun time! Happy birthday Alicia!

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