#41. Tie-Dye

Hello everybody!

Today was a very eventful day for Alicia and me. We were able to get about 9 things done today. I just want to tell you about one of them: #41. Tie-Dye. We went to Hobby Lobby first before we did anything in order to get all the supplies that we needed and one of those things was a tie-dye kit. We got the classic kit that just had yellow, red, and blue dye, but it’s all good. I will most likely post the pictures of the finished products when we are wearing them, but at the moment, mine is in the washing machine and Alicia’s is well..with Alicia.


Here is my tie-dye.


Alicia’s tie-dye!

So now we have to wait for a day when we can wear our shirts which will be very exciting.

Oh! Before I forget, Alicia and I BEG of you to help us hit 6,000 views by the end of the month..Can we do it? PLEASE!!!??? Oh gosh! I would be so thrilled! Tell everyone you know please!

Well..I have nothing else to say in this post so..

As always 81dayswontlastforever!

Much love and summer love!

Molly and Alicia



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