7. Play catch with eggs 87. Create something made out of duct tape. and 124. Go to Hobby Lobby

Hey everybody.

So today was a very eventful day for 81dayswontlastforever. We completed a total of 9 things today and you have read, watched and are waiting in anticipation for the rest of the to come. Well, first we went to accomplish 124. Go to Hobby Lobby to get all of the items that have been used today that you all have seen. Molly was very happy when I stepped into Hobby Lobby, because it was my first time. Her mom always gets so shocked whenever Hobby Lobby comes up in conversation and I say that I haven’t been. But I have now. We bought a ton of stuff, We bought tie dye kits, cement mix, canvases, glue, paint, duct tape, etc. All of the things that we bought will one day appear on the blog. Yay. We are being so prepared.


So, after we came home from Hobby Lobby, we made our melted crayon art, tie dyed, and then we started to do 87. Create something made out of duct tape. . Which was fun. Molly found a website http://www.duckbrand.com/Home/Duck%20Tape%20Club/ducktivities/flowers-and-roses/How%20to%20Make%20a%20Duck%20Tape%20Rose.aspx

and the roses were said to be for beginners, so we attempted. Now, we still struggled. So, instead of roses, we ended up with flowers. yes, roses are flowers but just generic flowers.

Molly's Flower

Molly’s Flower

and mine. 🙂

By the time we were done making the flowers, tie dying, etc, we have completed 8 things.

We knew we could get at least one more thing accomplished in this adventure of a day, so we did.

We did 7. Play catch with eggs. Now, I had never played catch with eggs, and I don’t think Molly hadn’t either. Our original plan was to take 4 eggs, when we were done with those four, we would be done. It didn’t work that way. When Molly had failed to catch the first 2, and when the 3rd one broke in her hand, and we couldn’t stop laughing, we knew 4 was not enough. We ended up using 8 eggs.

When the eggs did splatter on the ground, Molly and I didn’t really have any prior experience with cleaning raw eggs off of cement, so Molly poured water on them. And with the disgusting high temperature of 101 degrees farenheit tomorrow, Molly’s dogs may end up having scrambled eggs some point tomorrow. Eww. That doesn’t really sound appetizing.

By the end of the fun about 20 minutes… or less that we played catch with those eggs, Molly ended up with raw egg running down her legs and on her hands, and I had it all over my hands and in my shoes, thank goodness they were flip-flops.

Our 8th and final egg that Molly wipped over my head, If i was approximately 2 feet taller i may have caught that. Now, I did wind up throwing her some that she had to move about 2 feet to get. We have no aim…

Our 8th egg again.

And finally, once we made it back in the house, and thoroughly washed our hands, we decided that it was time to color. We have attempted to color in our Toy Story 3 Jumbo coloring book one other time and we still haven’t finished. We have finished 7 pages complete out of 20. Don’t worry, 55. Fill up a whole coloring book. will be completed someday.

Dearest readers of 81dayswontlastforever, I must depart.

81 days won’t last forever

Much love and Summer fun,

Alicia and Molly 🙂


4 thoughts on “7. Play catch with eggs 87. Create something made out of duct tape. and 124. Go to Hobby Lobby

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  2. Kids, what can you do with them 😆

    Forget the task bar 😉 what i meant was, top right click – that will minimize it into the task bar, then you can re-do the ping’s every 30 minutes. I do it every night and it will help your site.

    Another thing, do you ever post links in the showcase in the forum.

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