#42. See some fireworks and #43. Go to a professional baseball game

Hello dear readers!

Last night was a very special day in Molly history because I was able to go to my very first Major League Baseball game! On our list, it did say to go to a Chicago Cubs game, but, when you can get two things off the blog list and get the tickets from someone you know, hey you would go to a Chicago White Sox game. I didn’t care; Chicago is Chicago..but Alicia, a Cubs fan, would cheer for the Texas Rangers. Alicia was mad because there was this kid who was being really mean and really sassy yelling at the field saying “Texas Sucks!” or other people would yell “Go back to the Alamo!” Harsh. Gosh. I love how all through primary school and even high school now, teachers are always telling you, “Be respectful! Don’t boo during a sports game, etc.” But then you go to a game and there are adults yelling and being disrespectful. It just doesn’t make sense.


View from our seats

So anywho, the game was good. Very hot though. On a screen, they had the temperature and when we got to our seats before the game, it was 97 degrees. Slowly throughout the game, the temperature would go down, but then back up..then down again. It was like, “MOTHER NATURE PICK A TEMPERATURE!!” Finally, after the 10th inning (they were tied for most of the game and then had to settle it in the tenth inning..) the temperature got to be about 86 degrees. The nice thing at US Cellular Field was that they had this like shower room thing where you can stand in the water and get sprayed with very, very cold nice water. HEAVEN! Though, as soon as you go to your seat, you were completely hot again. Blah!

The actual game itself was not as boring as I thought it was going to be and it moved along quite nicely. They would go through an inning rather quickly, mostly because no one was scoring. Anyway, so the game had to go into a 10th inning (usually only 9) and the Rangers didn’t get any runs (and it was like oh my goodness you better get something because we still have fireworks to watch), but as soon as the Sox got to the plate, it was game on. The first main action occurred when there was like 1 or 2 outs and this guy for the Sox Alejandro de Aza either hit his bat against his knee, hit the ball against his knee, broke his own foot, but the poor guy went down. I mean, on the ground in a ball clutching his leg. A coach/trainer/manager/etc. came and finally got him off the ground and he was able to hit the ball and go to first base (with a slight hobble to his step.) Then, Kevin Youkilis came up to bat and after hitting balls in the wrong direction (behind home plate) or not hitting the ball, he finally hit the ball..but then his bat exploded. I am not kidding. The bat exploded. It splintered and went everywhere on the field by 3rd base. So, after getting a new bat and then hitting a the ball (and by then the Rangers were done..they didn’t even go for it…) the game was over and there was a White Sox victory: 5-4.

Soon after the mini party the Sox had on the field attacking Youkilis and some interviews and cleaning off the field (which to those who tend to that field and the park in general..GOOD WORK!) all the lights went off and then the fireworks started. They were pretty miraculous.




So there you go. The American way to celebrate the 4th of July.

Off to go to more list items!
Until next time,


Much love and summer fun!
Molly and Alicia!

PS: That shirt I’m wearing..I totally made it. 🙂



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