91. Watch a foreign film.

Hey everyone. We originally planned on completing this list item when we had our overnight movie marathon but… no. With the excruciatingly hot Summer we are in now, we thought it would be better to do something that involves little to no activity. So, we chose something that involves no activity, movie watching.

We watched a movie called Caramel (2007). It was about these 5 Lebanese women who worked in a salon in Beirut.

When the movie first began, the opening credits were not in English. There were subtitles however, but this still made us have to focus on what the actors were saying than what they were doing. This was fine, because we got used to it soon.

The movie took place in Beirut at a hair salon for the majority of the movie. The main characters,  Layale, Nsirine, and Rima work at the hair salon.  Jamale is a close friend and frequent customer at the salon. Rose and her older sister Lili work at a tailor shop next door to the salon. All of these characters have one thing in common, a problem. Layale is stuck in a relationship with a married man. Nsirine is not a virgin in a family where pre-marital sex is forbidden. Rima is attracted to women. Jamale is an aging actress who is worried about aging and will do anything to stop it. Rose is a tailoress who has devoted her entire life to taking care of her older and mentally unstable older sister Lili.

It was a different take on may movies I have seen ever. I enjoyed and I think that Molly. my sister, and I would give it a 3-3.5 out of 5.


81 days won’t last forever


Much Love and Summer Fun.

Alicia and Molly


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