#1. Go for a walk in the woods and #4. Go on a nature hike

What a busy weekend it has been! Alicia and I got FOURTEEN things done! Woot!

Alicia and I split up the activities  and so we each have seven to do. It’s all good..Less for us to write, more for you to read..you know..

So, when we went up to Wisconsin this weekend, we were able to go on TWO walks in the woods. The first one was just around the property we were staying at and the other was at this place called Natureland where there are trails and a lake and etc. The walk around the property was not banal  because most of the weeds and other not so fun stuff was chopped down.  Except, it needs to rain. The grass is dead. The ponds, streams, lakes rivers, what have you, are all so shallow. Usually Wisconsin is littered with bright tall dark green corn and soybean plants, but they are all a horrible shade of death. Poor plants. 😦


The walk around the property was on Saturday, but on Sunday, Alicia, her mom, Lorene, Maddy, Maddy’s friend, Daniella, and I went to Natureland. It was actually really nice out. It wasn’t a million degrees out, but it wasn’t cold. I wish it was cold. I miss 50 degree days when I can wear cardigans and scarves and jeans. Oh well.

Though, Natureland is pretty awesome. There is this large pine forest which is the most peaceful place ever, minus the times when Daniella and Maddy are acting out Rue’s death from theHunger Gamesand Daniella is on the ground screaming help and I am also on the ground because I was “shot.” Good times..Good times..Mental note: When pretending to fall in the forest, make sure you don’t pick the tree with the most branches coming out its bottom to lean against because, it will hurt. You will laugh at the pain you are in and then ruin the dramatic death scene by laughing. Just a thought.

And there was this stream that was THE COLDEST THING I EVER PUT MY FEET INTO. Oh my goodness. It was so cold that it hurt to walk around in it. My feet were red and numb because of how cold it was. It was ridiculous.

So yeah. Wisconsin is pretty fantastic. Just saying. 🙂

Well..off to do more posts!


Much love and summer fun!

Alicia and Molly.

Oh! Look below for the gallery!


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