#3. Read a good book outside

Well hello there!

In continuation with the whole busy weekend we had, we also did number 3. read a good book outside. On Saturday, we (meaning Lorene, Daniella, Maddy, Alicia, and I) went to a lake in Wisconsin because Cathy, Lorene’s friend, invited us. (Hi Cathy! And Jesse! And Casey! And Bob!) The lake was really cool..not in temperature though. The actual lake water was hot. I am not kidding. It felt like bath water. I wish I had a lake in my backyard. That would be nice to just be like, “I’m going outside in the lake!” “Ok! Have fun!”–which is number 144..just saying.. 🙂

Anywho, main part of the blog..Alicia and I were able to read. Reading is always fun, right? I am currently reading Pudd’nhead Wilson by Mark Twain and Alicia is reading Loser by Jerry Spinelli. My book is good. I love the way Mark Twain uses word choice and the way he magically uses words to get the feeling of the story. I wish I could have that ability. Oh well.

Being able to read by the lake was really awesome. I thought that I would have been able to finish my book by sitting in the grass enjoying the fresh air, but instead I went to the dock. I told Alicia, who went in the water, that I didn’t want to get wet at all, and what does she do? She takes the Aqua-zooka or whatever it was and soaks me to the bone with lake water. I was mad. It wasn’t just a one time deal, oh no. Multiple times. I had a towel around me and was like “DON’T GET ME WET ALICIA!” And what did she do? She soaked me again! ARGH! It’s ok though, I’m over it.

So there you go. Alicia and I read and we went to a lake. Fun, fun, fun.

Thanks Cathy for inviting us!

Much love and summer fun.


Alicia and Molly


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