56. Destroy a Watermelon and 116. Carve a watermelon.

Hey everyone, before I begin, let me just say that these 2 things have probably been the two most fun things we have done on the list. We got so many things off of the list, 14 to be exact. great fun.

Anyway, it was a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon in Wisconsin, and Molly and I wanted to get a few more things crossed off of the list. The watermelon on the kitchen counter was just calling our names. We went outside and I began to cut the watermelon in half. We thought, let’s carve half of the watermelon and destroy the other half. Kill two birds with one stone.

Carving away


Our original plans for that half of the watermelon was to eat a few pieces and bring it inside for later. But just then, Cathy, Bob, Casey and Jesse appeared at the end of the driveway. The flopped out of the car and asked what we were doing. Then, by that time I had put about a fourth of the watermelon into a bowl and they appeared and it was gone. So, the bowl made it back in the house, the watermelon, on he other hand, didn’t.

Before we had eaten any

Cutting it up. 🙂

And we had eaten a quarter…

After we hd eaten a quarter of the watermelon, we decided to put faces into them.

Oh no, no mouth yet!

You concentrate on making that mouth!

Say Hello to Mel and Malon!


After we carved our half of the watermelon, we were on a mission to find a bat. My mom was like, “No don’t use a bat. Be careful.” and such. Then my grandma was like, “I don’t have a bat, but here is a big stick. Whack it good and i want to see pictures.”


Now, I don’t care how old you are, but destroying a watermelon is always fun. Especially if you’re 15, 11,10, or 8. All of us wanted to help, so we did.

She was ready!

After hit #1

We all took turns whacking the watermelon for a few minutes and then we took the little pieces and attempted to play baseball. It didn’t work.

The end product!


Once again, we both believe that these 2 things were super fun and we would do them again.

Thanks to Casey, Jesse, Maddy, and Daniella for helping us out! It was fun


Much Love and Summer Fun

Alicia and Molly



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