#89.Make a blanket fort and #100.Sleep on the Floor

So, we are going to go back in time to Friday night.

When we arrived at The Farm, which is the name of the house we stayed at, it was maybe like 9:00ish. I don’t really remember. But anyway, we got situated and then we put on our pajamas and we decided that we needed to color. This was after we looked at stars and such, but we needed to color. We had like 8 or so  pages left to color and we figured Daniella, Maddy’s friend, and Maddy could help Alicia and me finish. So by then it was like 10:00ish and we colored and laughed and told stories and then it was time for bed. So, first we were just going to make a blanket fort, but then to kill two birds with one stone we figured we should sleep on the floor too. Bad decision. Bad, bad decision.

It was hot. The floor was not comfortable whatsoever. I thought the rug that I was laying on was going to be fine; it wasn’t. We were broken. Our backs and bones and everything  hurt on Saturday. And now it’s Monday and my side still hurts. Oh god, it was so bad. I probably tossed and turned more than slept. But, we kept saying to ourselves that it was on the list and we would have to do it for the blog. So there you go readers, I broke my back for you!


Much love and summer fun,

Molly and Alicia


One thought on “#89.Make a blanket fort and #100.Sleep on the Floor

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