#20. Have a Picnic, #47. Go to the Zoo, and #102. Face Paint

Well hello dearies!

Today was a FANTASTIC day for Alicia and me because we went to the zoo with Maddy, Alicia’s sister, and our dear friend Alex! We had a splendid time and for once it wasn’t a million degrees out. Plus, the zoo wasn’t too terribly crowded if you took away the small children and strollers, but hey, a zoo is a zoo right?

We saw a lot of animals today. We saw penguins and bears, birds, zebras, giraffes, etc., etc. (Now, don’t worry, I’m writing about what we did, but most of the  pictures will be in a different post. It just makes it easier to have galleries by themselves instead of in posts when there are going to be thousands of pictures..just kidding!)

So anyway, we walked around for awhile and then we had a picnic..ish.. You see, where we live, it hasn’t rained in forever so to sit on the grass would just be a killer for you butt. I’m sorry, but your butt would die. Instead of sitting on the grass and having our butts die, we sat at a picnic table by where you can get food and we ate our sack lunches.

Alex, Alicia, and Maddy enjoying their sack lunches!

So we continued to walk around and see the animals and such.

However, before we could go, we had to get our face painted. Now, the place we went to is kind of like a little kid area, but you know, no one was stopping us, so we went! And oh my goodness! HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY!

First thing we did was…Alicia and Molly’s face paint extravaganza!



Done! The extent of our artistic abilities!

Afterward, we then pretended to be vets..and lemurs..Ok, you’re confused..well..don’t be. Also at this “play zoo” you can put on scrubs and pretend to be vets with stuffed animals..Alex, Alicia, and I got very into it..

Alex, the very serious vet man!

Molly, the not so serious nurse. And of course, our patient, a lemur!

See, told you he was serious! And..Alicia isn’t.. 🙂

Alex, holding his patient, Alicia, and Maddy 🙂

And the medical team..and Alicia..

Then, we decided to go and look at the lemurs that the zoo has in the “play zoo” but..we got distracted when we noticed the….wait for it..

LEMUR COSTUMES! We became lemurs. Be jealous, be jealous…

“It’s gonna be legend-… wait for it… and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DARY!”–Barney, from How I Met Your Mother. Pretty much sums up this picture and the whole trip to the zoo.

By then it was getting later and we were done so we went to get ice cream and we then saw the seals and such and then we had to depart. It was a pretty “legendary” day and I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed going to the zoo..Be jealous, be jealous.

So…check out the other post with the other pictures..


Much love and summer fun,

Molly, Alicia, Alex, and Maddy



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