11. Write a letter to Molly, but do not read it until we are done with the to do list.

Hey everyone, So as you all know, Molly already wrote her letter to me, which I can’t wait to open when we have finished the list!

I also wrote her a letter and as Molly said. We aren’t going to say what is in the letter because of

A. She’ll read this post and know what is says.

B. It will ruin the surprise.

C. It really doesn’t mention the blog or any of you..(sorry)

D. I just don’t feel like posting it.

Well..sorry for the snappy/sassy reasons, but the letter is just for Molly,  because Molly is fantabulous.


Anyway, I got bored as did Molly and this is what I did to her envelope.


That’s the front and…


This is the back.


So, here’s to rest of the 32 days of Summer. Whoa. That’s not much time at all. We will finish!


Much Love and Summer Fun

Alicia 🙂


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