58. Learn a new hobby.

Hey guys!!!

So, today, as Molly and I plopped our Popsicles into the freezer, we looked at each other and said, “Let’s see what else we can do.” and that’s just what happened. We have pondered this number for quite some time because we had no idea what we would become of it.

Molly bought this book a while back called Sewing for Children. She has wanted to attempt sewing and we figured, why not? Let’s make it a hobby. Earlier this week, when I went over to Molly’s house, she taught me how to do a few different sewing techniques and then today, I used them

I can’t find the exact instructions we used but here are some easy instructions and yes, we hand sewed.



The bag is easiest to make when cut with one short edge along the fold, as pictured. After cutting the bag, unfold the rectangle and turn down about 3/4″ along each short edge, pinning it in place. Make sure both ends are folded to the same side. Then, use a running stitch to sew the fold down. Sew as close to the raw edge is possible in order to create a channel for the drawstring.

After sewing both drawstring channels, fold the fabric in half so that the sewn channel ends are touching and ‘wrong side out,’ . Then sew each long side with a running stitch, being very careful not to accidentally sew the channels shut! After both sides are sewn, turn the bag inside out. The bag is now actually ‘right side out’ and you are ready to make your drawstrings.

You can use anything for a drawstring,  After making the drawstrings, or finding a suitable piece of ribbon, thread them through the bag by securing one end of a string to a saftey pin and pushing the saftey pin through the channels. With two draw strings, you want to thread them opposite from one another, as show. Both tail ends of one string should hang to the left, and both tail ends of the other should hang to the right. This makes it easy to tighten the bag, and helps the bag stay closed when the strings are drawn. If the drawstrings are long enough, you can thread their ends with beads, or even attach tassels.


So, yes there we have it. We made bags, they may not be the prettiest sights to see, but it was our first time.

Our bags. Mine is in back and Molly’s is up front.

Our bags again. Mine to the left and Molly’s to the right!


Well, Much Love and Summer Fun

and 81 days won’t last forever. Tear Tear

Alicia and Molly.


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