5. Play some raquetball/basketball/badminton -the raquetball and 8. Go to a yoga class.

Hey everyone. So, yesterday Molly and I were having loads of fun. We took my dog for a walk, ish celebrated Bastille Day. But, whatever.

So, Molly and I got 2/3 of #5 done. We played basketball and badminton.

Getting ready to play some badminton!

Me too. 🙂

We played badminton for a while and then we got bored, so we then went and played basketball.

Molly doesn’t play basketball like I do, so I had to teach her how to shoot and pass and other stuff. Thankfully, she knew how to dribble or it would have been a long day. We played basketball for a while, but then, we once again got bored.

Please note the poor shooting form and leg stance… We worked on that.

We decided that instead of paying money to complete  8. Go to a yoga class, that instead, we would use the p90X yoga DVD and do the first 30 minutes. My dad said it would be easy but hard, whatever that means, but we did the first 30 minutes and then, we were done.

*We took no pictures during or after the yoga DVD because we were very, very sweaty… Yoga is supposed to clear the mind and make us happy but it was tiring and such, but stuck it out.


Anyway, 81 days.. er um 30 days won’t last forever. We have so little time and so much to do.


Much Love and Summer Fun,

Alicia and Molly



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