#112. Have a Spaaaaa Day

Well hello everyone!

Alicia, Maddy, and I had a very relaxing day today. Now, by spa day, we mean we painted our nails (both toes and fingers), soaked our feet in a foot bath, and did a face scrub.

We all enjoyed sitting on the side of my bath tub with our feet in the water. Our feet are so smooth; it’s amazing. We used a foot bath bomb thing from Lush called the Geo Phyzz Bath Bomb. It was epic. I would recommend it as well as many more Lush products.

The bath bomb before it was destroyed..

Alicia and I making our feet nice and smooth…

Afterward, we put the Fair Trade Foot Lotion from Lush all over our feet (which made them even more beauteous) and then we painted them. Alicia picked a  bright blue, I picked green, and Maddy picked a bright pink.

Alicia mid-paint

Our drying toes


We let our toes dry and then we had quesadillas for lunch and then we gave ourselves manicures.

Molly, the very serious painter

Maddy’s beautiful nails

And thus you get….

Woot! All of our hands together. This was so Maddy’s idea. 🙂

In addition to our nails and feet getting some TLC, our faces too needed some love. I found online a scrub…


Basically you mix brown sugar and olive oil in a dish or something and then rub in all over your face. You get the smoothing deliciousness of the olive oil and then the exfoliation of the sugar. My face is still nice and soft.

Our mixture pre-face. We were amazed by the heart that appeared.

Later, we then finally ended with true relaxation. In the instructions for the face mask it said to put a hot wash cloth over your face for a while, but we took it to the next step and did the stereotypical cucumbers on the eyes thing..IT ACTUALLY WORKS! The calming, soothing cucumber gets around your eyes and just instantly soothes. Man, it’s awesome.

So yes, a very relaxing day for us. Goodness, we are going to this again!!

Nothing else to say except..

Much love (cleanliness, relaxation) and summer fun


Molly and Alicia (and Maddy too)




8 thoughts on “#112. Have a Spaaaaa Day

  1. OMG, sounds like you had a fantastic day! I want to have a spa day with manis&pedis now!! But the hand star looked really cool! I bet you guys felt really good after everything!!

    Mind dropping me a comment? xoxxo

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