111. No facebook for two weeks. and 78. No TV or computer or 3 days

Hello! These past two weeks have been rather fun, even with no facebook. Molly and I assumed that not being able to go on facebook for 2 weeks would be torturous and we would be very, very bored. Believe it or not, we weren’t bored. We were occupied by other list items and planning  for Quincy.

But, what was difficult, was  78.  No TV or computer or 3 days especially for me because, when you are trapped in a hospital for 3 days, all there is, is TV.
Let me explain. Shortly after arriving home from the aquarium which Molly will blog about later, I was taken to the hospital with excruciating abdominal pain. After long hours in the emergency room, I spent 2 nights in the hospital and yes, I watched TV and… can you blame me? No.

Yeah, I watched TV basically all day except when people were visiting me. Molly came and brought me bubbles and magazines and pajama pants because, as we all know, she is the best. And so, these 2 were ish items but if it weren’t for my hospital visit, these would have not been ishes. I am ok, by the away, I just need some rest and I’ll be back to my same old self in no time 🙂

And, in the midst of all this  commotion, I completed another list item, 72. Go 24 hours without food. Yes, because the doctors thought that I would need surgery, which I didn’t, I went 30 hours with no food, I’m an over-achiever, I know. 🙂

Molly’s mom suggested Molly start the item with me, but she just laughed and ate some food.

Molly still needs to complete it and feel my pain.. err… I mean and have a new experience. ‘


81 days won’t last forever

Much Love and Summer Fun,

Alicia and Molly.


2 thoughts on “111. No facebook for two weeks. and 78. No TV or computer or 3 days

  1. You handled your hospitalization like a real trooper! I am very proud of you for tolerating all the poking, prodding, and the fasting!

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