#5. Play some racquetball/#39. Run through a sprinkler

Well, long time no blog, right!

It’s been awhile because we were doing #78. No TV or Computer for 3 days–but, Alicia  or I will talk about that one later.

Anyway, racquetball:

On Friday (which seems so far away from today, Monday), Alicia and I rode our bikes to where we could play racquetball. Do you realize how hard it is to find a racquetball court that you don’t have to pay zillions of dollars to get into? It’s ridiculous. It’s like, no I’m not getting a country club membership thing just for racquetball. Racquetball is fun, yes, but not for zillions of dollars. And you must realize that zillion is a lot.

Our rackets and ball and one pair of goggles.

It was my third(ish) time playing racquetball and Alicia’s first, but man, she got it fast! I guess because she played badminton for school she can hit something with a racket hard and get it to go somewhere; I, however, have to work on that skill. I can’t move! I just stay in one spot and I don’t move. Maybe Alicia will have to teach me….

So, we played for a while and it was finally a day when if you went outside, you wouldn’t melt. It was a very breezy Friday afternoon and oh! it was so amazing.Why can’t all days be like a breezy, carefree Friday afternoon when the weather isn’t over 86 degrees? WHY? Ugh.

Afterward, we rode our bikes to Alicia’s house where we were able to complete #39. Run through a sprinkler..

The sprinkler was very cold, but man it was so fun. Granted, I couldn’t see because water would shoot up into my face, but hey, it was fun. We made ourselves sticky when we destroyed a watermelon, but hey, THAT WAS EPIC!!!

Run Alicia and Molly, RUN!

We only ran for a little bit, but after running around a racquetball court a good cold shock was what we needed.

That was Friday. And there’s still more to blog about…

Much love and summer fun..

Alicia and Molly



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