#103. Go to the Aquarium

So Saturday, we went to the aquarium. Though, it wasn’t a very enjoyable time because poor Alicia was in so much pain. Though, the fish were cool. Most of the animals were out in exhibit (except my favorite, the otter) and just swimming around. Oh, it was a very semi-enjoyable day in the city. Poor Alicia though.

However, we were able to watch this dolphin, beluga show that was all about how they train the animals. Did you know that when trainers whistle at the animal, it’s in order to say good job. So, when the beluga slaps down on its back, the trainer can whistle when the beluga makes a splash so the next time the beluga makes a big splash. It’s amazing. God, belugas rock.

Right before the show.

So yeah. Saturday was an ok day. Wish it could have been better. Poor Alicia.

Nothing else to say except..

Much love and summer fun..

Molly, Alicia, and Maddy


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