Quincy Day 2–Belated

Hello our 7,911 viewers (as of 8:47 AM on Saturday)!

Alicia and I have been very busy in the last couple of days, but one of our most busy days was Thursday. On Thursday, we completed:

13. Ask for a krabby patty at McDonalds

48. Get ears pierced

67. Convince someone you are from a foreign country

74. Go see a play

142. Go to a cave.

Chronologically, we did the cave first. My cousin Kate, Alicia, and I went inside of Mark Twain Cave which was made famous in the Adventures of Tom Sawyer written by Mark Twain. The cave was quite interesting. This particular cave has been around since the Jurassic Period or so and stays at a constant 52 degrees (Fahrenheit) all year long. No matter what the temperature is outdoors, it’s still 52 degrees. If you are a literature buff or enjoy caves, check it out.

Then, we got our ears pierced. Sorry for no pictures yet, but Alicia got her third piercing and I got my second. Alicia had no problem; she really didn’t flinch or anything. Me, on the other hand..well..I almost ripped the head off of the poor stuffed animal they give you. First, it took the lady a while to figure our where to pierce because I have SMALL earlobes. It’s quite sad actually. And the farther up your ear you go, the more it hurts.It did hurt too. 😦 You see at Claires, where we went, they use a piercing device thing that gets the earring into your ear and then you are done. Well, I guess my small earlobes decided to put up a fight and the lady had to shove the earring into my head. OWWWWWW! I mean, come on! At first, I thought she missed but no, just decided to SHOVE the earring in. Alicia said I had rather amusing face expressions and you know what, I probably did. The noise of the piercer, that spring sort of noise, and then the shove..that was the worst part. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. It’s done; our ears our purdy. The end.

After we walked around the tiniest mall ever, Alicia and I wanted some sort of coffee beverage in our system because we knew that an all-nighter was going to occur. (Post to follow) So we went to a McDonalds near the mall that Kate, my cousin, drove us to and Alicia and I went inside to ask for two mocha frappes and a krabby patty. I ordered for us and I said the mochas and then I said…
“Can I have a krabby patty..?”

The girl responded:

“You want a what?”

OH MY GOODNESS MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT EVER! Oh my gosh. I really wanted someone who would play along, but I just confused the girl. I was like, “We have a blog and order a krabby patty is on there..I’m so sorry.”

She then screwed up our order.

We went back to my grandparents house and we got ready to see a play here in Quincy. We got dressed in nicer clothes and then we had dinner at this grocery store called Hyvee. Basically there is a restaurant in the grocery store. I could live there. My usual meal consists of a chicken tender, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and wait for it..CHOCOLATE MOUSSE PUDDING. Holy crap, I could go on for days about the deliciousness of the chocolate mousse pudding. At first when we got there, I thought that they didn’t have any so I was going to start a protest and have a sit-in..but then I went to the salad bar and POOF! there is was just for me. Yum.

After dinner, we went to see the play Oklahoma!. I knew that it was about Oklahoma and it was a musical and then they sang the song Oklahoma but that was it. I didn’t realize there was fighting and a dream sequence and all this stuff. But I have to say, I would rather watch a play than a movie any day. It was spectacular.

When we were done, we went to Taco Bell (because that’s the thing to do at 11 o’clock at night) and we hung out for awhile. Then, it was time for us to go and when we got back to my uncle’s house, our all-nighter began.

Before I end, I just wanted to say that Alicia completed number 67 because my grandparents thought Alicia was Dutch or something; my mom told us.Whatever, it’s done now. Crossed off. You see, Alicia was going to speak in her amazing Scottish accent to freak out my cousins, but she forgot. Oh well.

Now I’m off to go get ready for  more things we are going to get done.

Keep reading and tell your friends because we want to hit 10,000 views in less than 3 weeks. If you refer us on your blog, I will make sure that we refer you too.

What goes around comes around!

Much love and summer fun.

81daysareNOTlasting forever.

Molly and Alicia


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