Quincy Day 3

Hello! So, after we stayed up all night and then slept the day away, by 3, there wasn’t much else we could do on our list.

So, we went swimming again and then for dinner, we completed 139. Go to a Mexican restaurant.  It was called Mi Jalapeno. It was really good. Molly and I both got cheese quesadilla which were awesome and Molly, who loves her side dishes more than the actual meal itself, got an order of rice and beans. She was, as she would call it, on a bean cloud. When she had her chocolate mousse pudding, she said it was like being on a chocolate cloud. She really likes her clouds.

Anyway, after we had Mi Jalapeno, we went back to Molly’s grandparents house where Molly and I played hate malice and spite which we also played in the farm mentioned here.. 30. Play Cards. while the rest of her family played golf, the card game. After about 5 games of hate, malice, and spite and Molly winning her first game of it, ever, we played a few games of Uno. After however many games of Uno we played, Molly’s grandpa invited to take us to the River to see the sunset.

Because that would get two things off of the list, we accepted. On our way there, we learned about some history of Quincy which was really cool and that one of the Lincoln Douglas debates took place in a park nearby and we both found that interesting.

When we got to the River, we watched as the sun finished setting. And, what didn’t we have? A camera. Darn it. So, we took mental pictures and all of you readers out there have probably seen a sunset, so you’re not missing much.

After that, we went back to Molly’s grandparents house and played some more cards.


Much Love and Summer Fun,

Alicia and Molly


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