15 days and counting!

Hey guys.

With summer dwindling down to nothing, Molly and i just thought that we would tell you all what we have to accomplish in these next 15 days.

We have completed an astonishing 102 things and with only 42 to go, we are super happy!


14. Fill a mayo jar with vanilla pudding and eat it in public

16. Write messages on note cards. Stick the note cards in balloons and blow them up. Hang the
balloons on friends/neighbors porches.

22. Buy and use and develop an underwater camera.

23. Make someone a meal

25. Go fishing.

26. Learn how to cartwheel

29. Get tan.

31. Have a tea party

49. Play Tag In The Rain.

59. READ books.

60. Go to the movies.

66. Get a tan tattoo.

68. Wake up every morning before 9:00 a.m.

70. Superglue a quarter to the ground.

72. Go 24 hours without food.

82. Go To An Outdoor movie.

83. Mow the Lawn.

85. Spend one whole day barefoot.

90. Learn the Dance to Single Ladies

97. Continue into my journey of photography. Yes, this means experiment on Molly and nature,
anything and everything.

98. Buy Ice Cream From The Ice Cream Truck.

99. Learn how to make a foreign food.

101. Learn to Barbeque

107. Put up posters looking for a pet rock.

108. Have a campfire.

109. Go Flower-Picking.

110. Have a Disney movie marathon.

113. Make a time capsule to open after college graduation.

115. Say ‘yes’ to everything for one day.

117. Celebrate a holiday you created.

122. Go bowling

126. Make S’mores.

128. Watch Gone with the wind

129. Watch My Week with Marilyn.

131. Order something in another language.

132. Make a phone solicitor hang up on me.

133. Go golfing.

135. Be a vegan for a week.

137. Jumping out of random closets in Ikea, yelling: “Oh my god, Narnia is so awesome!”

141. Make some Jewelery.

143. Create a video depicting the results of the summer of 2012.

144. Have Fun!!!!!!!


So much to do in such little time, but we will get them done. We promise!


Much Love and Summer Fun,

Alicia and Molly 🙂


8 thoughts on “15 days and counting!

  1. Wow! That is great you completed so many things on your bucket list with so little time! I hope you can accomplish everything! The saying yes to something is something I always do :p

    Mind checking out my post?

    • I got somewhat tan in Quincy. I was proud. I was not the color of a white crayon and Molly doesn’t really tan that much either. And for the tan tattoo we are buying this self tanner lotion stuff which works on me so it must be magic. 🙂

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