Quincy Day 4 and 5–Belated once more.

Long time no blog!

Hello everyone!

The last two days in Quincy (or on the ride back) were eventful.

On Saturday, we completed:

15. Watch the Olympics

24. Make ice cream sandwiches

63. Stay outside for 12 hours straight(ish)

84. Make ice cream.

So yeah, we didn’t stay outside for exactly 12 hours, but it was probably like 10, 9, 8ish. We stayed outside for long periods of time. Ok? I mean, we were swimming and going into the house every so often..but…whatever!

Then, while being on a “break” from being outside for 12..10..8 hours, we make ice cream and ice cream sandwiches. For Christmas a couple of years back, I received an ice cream maker that’s really small and portable and I’ve never used it. So, for our summer list, I said that I wanted to make ice cream. And we did. It wasn’t the best ice cream because I didn’t measure the ingredients correctly, but when we put it on the chocolate chip cookie, well..that’s all I have to say about that.

After having an eventful day, we watched the Olympics. It switched off from men’s swimming and men’s gymnastics. Holy crap. Those guys (and girls in the women’s events) are  RIDICULOUS. Oh my goodness. And yesterday I watched men’s synchronized diving.  OH MY GOSH! That’s ridiculous. Check it out if you haven’t watched it.

And then on day 5–Sunday we accomplished one thing on the way back from Quincy:

19. Write: This way to the Ministry of Magic on a public toilet.

I wasn’t in the mood to vandalize a bathroom toilet so we just left a piece of paper on the floor of the bathroom and on the toilet so at least someone could find it funny.

Anyway, that’s it. Mission accomplished.

Much love and summer fun.


Molly and Alicia


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