107. Put up posters looking for a lost pet rock

Hark! We seem to have lost our dear pet rock, Jorge. It seemed that one moment he was safe in my bag, sheltered from the outside world, but now he’s gone. We can’t find him anywhere and all we wanted to do was take him for a walk. We are terrible owners; I just can’t believe it. I’m ashamed. Wherever you are dear Jorge, please come back!

If anyone has any information regarding where Jorge is, PLEASE CONTACT US!

And I mean, we painted him ourselves. One moment he’s with you safe and then the next he’s gone. Why Jorge,WHY?!

Us creating dear Jorge.

Much love and summer fun.

81daysarequicklydwindlingaway.. 😦

Molly and Alicia




12 thoughts on “107. Put up posters looking for a lost pet rock

  1. Sorry to hear about Jorge he must be lonely and missing you both, very careless owners of Jorge.

    He could end up crushed under a lorry wheel or buried in concrete.

  2. Haha! That is a fun project! So sorry about Jorge! Someone will be sure to find him sooner or later. I wonder what people are thinking about the lost signs?


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