22. Buy, use, and develop an underwater camera


Remember when Alicia and I stayed outside for a while on Saturday? Well, we took some pictures in order to complete number 22!

We got a Kodak disposable underwater camera from the same place that we were on a chocolate cloud at..Just saying.. 🙂

At any rate, we went swimming and took pictures. The best part was when my younger cousin Emily would ask to see the picture after we took it. She didn’t understand film. I mean, come on; a camera that you can’t see the picture you just took, what a concept! Dang, that makes me feel sort of old; living in the age of film..Probably one of the last ones in that generation too.

Anyway, before I make 8,471 (as of 6:57 pm) feel old, here are the pictures we took. We did take more, but some of them had like a finger in front of the lens or it was an unflattering shot, etc.

Before you enjoy, I have to explain how this picture thing is to work out for you. You see, I had to scan the pictures from the printed form to my computer. The image went then to Adobe. And well ah! it’s a pdf now. I apologize sincerely if you don’t have Adobe and can’t see the pictures. If you can see the pictures, right-click on the link thing, then “Open in New Tab/Window”. Once the image is loaded, you might have to zoom out a little bit by clicking the minus looking button that will pop up when you scroll near the image. Then right-click again, and hit “Rotate Clockwise.”

FINALLY! you are able to see the images. Alicia p.3 has 4 images for you to see. Molly p.1 and p.2 only have one per each.

This is quite ridiculous, but technology can only get you so far. If anyone knows how to convert the images without any software or hard technology things, comment below!

Enjoy the pictures if you can! 🙂

Alicia p.3

Molly p.1

Molly p.2

I’m done. The end.

Much love and summer fun.


Molly and Alicia.


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