83. Mow the Lawn and 133. Go Golfing

Well, long time no write!

So, the time is dwindling down. It’s Sunday, August 5th. We start school August 15th. AHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh my goodness! It’s quite scary actually; I mean, in 10 days, we’re going to be  sophomores. Holy crap!

Today, we were able to get two things done. First, we were both able to mow our lawns. Well, I was able to mow some of my front lawn. I’m not a fan of mowing the lawn, mostly because it’s hard work! The pulling and pushing and then making sure the lines are straight. Ugh. I failed with making straight lines. I gave up; I was not going to do anymore.And Alicia did the back yard of her house. Alicia said that [mowing was successful] “indeed”.

Anyway, we went golfing too today. Alicia is going to be at our school’s golf team and she wanted to get some practice; I just came along for the ride. We  golfed (is that a word? golfed? weird..) 9 holes. Golfing takes a long time; lots of hitting and driving in the golf cart and blah blah blah. Golfing just isn’t my sport, especially when I have no aim among other things needed for golf. It’s hard; I give tons of kudos to golfers. Plus, I learned today that when it comes to driving, Alicia is a very FAST driver. Lucky me, driver’s ed next year with her. Woot, woot! 🙂 Just kidding. I would rather drive with Alicia than anyone else. Overall, my very first real golfing experience was good, but it’s just not for me. But you know, Alicia and I decided that we are both going to be badminton partners and then go to the Olympics. Woot! Haha. 🙂 Big dreams, big dreams, you gotta have them.

There you go; two things done thus far this week. Here’s some headlines for the upcoming week:

Monday (tentatively): 16. Put a note on a balloon and leave on friend’s porches.

Wednesday: Finish being vegan 🙂

Thursday: 31. Have a tea party

108. Have a campfire

109. Flower picking (for the party)

126. Make S’mores (maybe)

Etc. Etc. Probably more will get done, but that is our plan thus far.

That’s it. All done.

Much love and summer fun,

81dayswontlastforever..10 DAYS LEFT!

Molly and Alicia

Oh, and we won another blog award 🙂 Just saying 🙂


3 thoughts on “83. Mow the Lawn and 133. Go Golfing

  1. Congrats on all the stuff you got to do! Yes, golfing does take a lot of patience and concentration, and it’s one of the more time-consuming sports, but the satisfaction of hearing the wind swish as your club cuts through the air when you swing, or the sight of that ball sailing towards the hole is nonpareil. There’s still a specific thrill that comes with golfing, like close calls during putting, or trying to get less and less strokes at every hole. Tell Alicia I say good luck as part of the school’s golf team!

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