Very Inspiring Blog Award! Woot!

Hey guys! So, Molly and i received this award a few days ago from WordsWithNannaPrawn. We are extremely excited to receive our 2nd blog award and we were happy that we ” inspire me not to lose my sense of fun, lightheartedness and earnest pursuit of making the most of every single day….preferably with a big dollop of silly thrown in”

The rules for this are very simple. So, for this award you mention who nominated you in a post, copy and paste the url into your widget on WordPress dashboard (if you wish to show off and display the actual award there) or just copy and paste the image into a post, nominate 7 other bloggers you find inspiring and let them know you have nominated them in a comment on their blog, and share 7 interesting things about yourself in your post – easy??!

So ,without further adieu  let me share with you the 7 bloggers who are came to mind when we got this award.








Now, we have to share some facts with you all. Well, let’s see…

  1. Molly and I met in 6th grade science class. Those were fun times. 🙂
  2. This may be a shocker for a summer blog, but we are loathing the countdown to school, we want summer to last forever. But as we all know, 81 days won’t last forever. Tear tear.
  3. We’re awesome, in case that wasn’t expressed enough through our pictures and lovely blog posts. 🙂
  4. Molly is horrible at math, but I, on the other hand am pretty amazing at it.
  5. Molly can think of a How I  Met Your Mother reference for  just about any situation, it becomes rather annoying after a while.
  6. We want to reach 10,000 views by the end of summer or September 1st. We have 8.688 at the moment.
  7. We are so excited that we have gotten our 2nd blog award. Thank you WordsWithNannaPrawn for giving it to us. We are thrilled that we inspire you with our daily antics. 🙂


Much Love and Summer Fun.

Alicia and Molly


9 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blog Award! Woot!

  1. Thank you girls for the award, you should put a photo of the award into the post for people to copy, i hope you thanked the person who gave it to you 🙂

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