135. Go Vegan for a Week (Molly)


Well. It’s been a long week; it’s been a long week with no cheese, no milk chocolate, and no cereal. And you know what’s sad, I didn’t even do the whole week either. I’m a bad vegan–that’s what I kept telling Alicia–I’m a bad vegan. IT’S TRUE!  I couldn’t last a week without sneaking in shredded cheese into my vegetarian refried beans in a tortilla thing.  I couldn’t last a week without eating a spoonful of tuna salad from Whole Foods while no one was home. I’m a bad vegan. I believe going vegan is something for people who are not “foodies” like I am and for those who have the guts to watch ALL of Food Inc. without shielding their eyes. Food Inc. is probably the scariest movies of my life. If you don’t want to know where your food came from, don’t watch that movie at all.

Being vegan is a process, a very serious process that shouldn’t be done unless you are 100% into it. You can’t do what Alicia and I did and just casually put it into a blog list; you have to be serious. I give my support and aw to any die-hard vegan out there who is serious and who is doing it for themselves and the animals out there. But man, how can you not live without cheese? And ice cream? How can you live without eating Ben and Jerry’s or gelato that has been made with deliciousness added in?

Like I said, I missed cheese and ice cream–and many more dairy products. But meat (beef, chicken, turkey, pork, etc. etc.) I can do without. I mean, I still enjoy eating an occasional turkey burger or having some good homemade chicken pot pie or chicken chili or..yum, I have to stop now..but eating like a hamburger or steak is nasty; I just can’t do it. I grew up a steak and potatoes kind of girl, though recently (even before the non-poultry  part of being a vegan) I just gave it up. And you know how I did it? I had a clear message/idea in my head. I think you can imagine what it is so I am not going to say it. However, 8th grade history class when we learned about the stockyards of Chicago..well, there you go: my message. Blah!

In conclusion, I was a bad vegan. I ate my cheese when I wasn’t suppose to and I had macaroni and cheese yesterday and I loved it. Though, this doesn’t stop me for saying how proud I am of vegans all around the world (and vegetarians too) who gave up something just to save a life..of an animal that is. Congrats to all the vegans out there and I raise a soy chik’n patty to you.

Much love and summer fun,


Alicia and the Bad Vegan


One thought on “135. Go Vegan for a Week (Molly)

  1. Wow, going Vegan sounded really hard. I donot understand how people did it! Well, besides sneaking food I think you guys did a fine job!

    New post please check out (: xoxxo

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