135. Be Vegans for a Week (Alicia)

Well, unlike Molly, I was a good Vegan. I didn’t have any meat, although I did have cheese on the pasta I ordered, it just came to me, and I didn’t want to refuse it, so I ate around it. But, it was a long week, as Molly said, and I am glad it’s over. I missed yogurt and cheese and meat and milk-less cereal just isn’t the same. But, it’s all over now.

Also, unlike Molly, I do eat steak and pork and other fun meats like that. Do i feel bad for the animals? Yes, but I am in no rush of changing my lifestyle so drastically or so fast. I applaud all of those vegans out there, or even vegetarians for changing their lives for the better of the animals and probably theirs too. i honestly don’t think that if it wasn’t on the list, that Molly and i would have ever come around to doing this. We had always, well ever since 8th grade, that we wanted to become vegans for a week. We would have done it last summer, but we didn’t feel like putting so much meal planning and label scanning for nothing. When i say nothing, it really isn’t nothing. But, i feel like Molly and I didn’t have an all around reason to become vegans. We have the list ow, but we just didn’t think that we could follow through and a certain someone, cough cough Molly didn’t follow through even with the list.

But, I feel like it wasn’t an extreme drastic change for me, was because I had my vegan burgers, and turkey, and beef (thanks Mom!) and also because there was an abundance of fruits and vegetables in our house and I could instead opt for something that tastes like meat but isn’t. The meat smelled like dog food but did taste good. Well, not the burgers, they sort of tasted like… well, nothing.  It also wasn’t drastic because, it was for a week, not a lifetime.
I do think that all vegans and vegetarians are really quite awesome for making this change in their lives, and I now that I have tried it our for myself, I am glad that I can say I have, but do I ever want to do it again, probably not.


Well, 81 days won’t last forever

Much Love and Summer Fun

Alicia and Molly


P.S. School starts in one week from today. We have so much to do and our tea party has been postponed until Sunday. 🙂


4 thoughts on “135. Be Vegans for a Week (Alicia)

  1. Possibly the least fun item so far on your list but well done for at least trying! I stopped eating animal meat and poultry in February but vegan is just a step too far, I love seafood and dairy products too much!!

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