Party Time!

Hey guys. With the summer dwindling down to nothing, Molly’s annual back to school party was around the corner and we decided to get 11 things on the list done in one day. 🙂

So in our last post  , Molly and I talked about sending out the invites for this party.  So, after the guests RSVP’d Molly got to work on cooking, because I was out-of-town. For our tea party, crossing of 31. Have a tea party,  Molly made such an abundance of treats, such as scones, muffins, and tarts, crossing off 2 list items. 99. Learn how to make a foreign food. The tarts were a type of French apple tart. We also completed 25. Have and make  homemade goodies.

Molly arrived early to my house this morning and we began our preparations. We first set up shop in my kitchen, placing things in the fridge and getting plates ready.

Ready to Party!

So, after we set up inside, we began to hang up our lanterns, wash a table or two, set up the tables, and then of course, set the tables.

Setting up the lanterns

We also completed 109. Go flower picking. We had three little vases and we put flowers in them at each of the tables.

And, when we were finished setting up, my backyard was ready for the guests to arrive. 🙂

When guests arrived, Molly and I set the food outside, and to knock off 14. Fill a mayo jar with vanilla pudding and eat it in public, Molly set out a mayonnaise jar with mayo in it and we said it was an English tradition and our friend Samantha replied with, “Have you guys done put the vanilla pudding in a mayo jar yet?” Wow, Samantha, Wow. So, we still have to complete that one. Darn.

All of the guests had a great time, but there was still more to come. We had to take pictures for the blog of course and Samantha reminded us that she wanted to teach us 26. Learn how to cart-wheel. So, umm yes. This was an attempt. Molly and I couldn’t seem to get the hang of turning our hands, and when we got that down, we couldn’t straighten our legs. But, we learned how to do it, not very well, and this is also why we will not be posting pictures. It wasn’t pretty.

As the guests were getting ready to leave, we reminded them of what was in our invitations, bring something to put in a time capsule. And they did. Pictures from years ago, written letters , and other fun stuff was added and once I duct tape it shut, the container will not be opened for another 3 years. 113. Make a time capsule to open after college, just kidding, high school (we aren’t that patient) is complete.

After our guests left, we cleaned everything up and then decided to get some more items crossed off the list. So, we grabbed a quarter and some glue and we did 70. Superglue a quarter to the ground.

That was fun, until we realized that for the glue we had to put something heavy, we had a brick, for an hour on top of it. So, can’t wait to see all of the people who fall for it. Then, while we were waiting for it to dry, we decided to do something productive, which is 90. Learn the dance to Single Ladies. Why in the world did we put this  on the list? We looked up tutorials and videos and nothing was helping, so we watched the video at half speed and tried copying what Beyoncé did. After watching it once, we went to full speed and we caught on eventually, only a few paces behind what the dancers were doing. So, we did learn the dance to Single Ladies, could we do it again without the help of the video, probably not.

After that, My sister was outside practicing with her bow and arrow, so Molly and I went and she taught us how to shoot and it was very fun.

137. Attempt Archery. Complete.

After we were finished, my dad decided he wanted to barbecue for dinner. The lightbulb went off in our heads, Let’s get 101. Learn to barbeque off the list. We grilled hot dogs and a few Boca burgers that I never ate from my veganism last week.

So, we barbecued. And they were really good, thanks to my dad who taught us and made sure we didn’t burn them to a crisp.

We also were able to complete 85. Spend the whole day barefoot.

2 days left 22 things to do. Let’s do it.

Much love and Summer Fun

Alicia, Molly, Samantha, Julia, Alex, Haley, Kylie, and Maddy. 🙂


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