129. Watch My Week with Marilyn

Hello readers!

Today, Alicia, Maddy and I had a productive day! We started the day by watching the movie My Week With Marilyn starring Michelle Williams as the iconic blonde Marilyn Monroe. The movie is based off the book The Prince, the Showgirl, and Me written by Colin Clark. It tells the story about young Colin who leaves his family’s home in order to get a job in the entertainment industry. He ends up just being a “gopher.” Though, the company he ends up working for is about to begin a movie starring non-other than Ms. Monroe herself. Colin tells his story about how he has a lavish affair with Marilyn in only a couple weeks.

It was a great movie. You get to see another side of Marilyn–the side of her being unsure and scared. You get to see Marilyn as a real person,not just someone dancing around in a pink dress like in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (which is a very good movie by the way). Plus, Michelle Williams as Marilyn was great. Whoever picked her to be Marilyn deserves an Oscar or something. There were times when Michelle would close her eyes or it would be a profile shot or even just between shots and you would swear that Marilyn was on screen. It was epic. And the makeup, my goodness. Absolutely perfect.

So, if you are a fan of Marilyn Monroe or Michelle Williams (or Professor Lockhart from Harry Potter) this is the movie for you!

Overall, an A in my book!

Much love and summer fun,


Molly and Alicia


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