131. Order something in another language. and 132. Make a phone solicitor hang up on me.

Today, Along with movie watching and making many videos, Molly and I were able to make a phone solicitor hang up on us,  and order something in another language.

We were in the middle of watching My Week with Marilyn, when all of a sudden,I got a call.

I answered the hone and this woman said “Hello… blah blah blah”

Me: “Hola. Yo quiero una pizza grande de queso por favor.”

Her: “Um Hello?”

Me: “Una pizza por favor.”

Her: Hola? I can’t understand you.

Me: Hola? Hola? Hola?

After this went on for about 3 minutes, she hung up on me. It was amazing. Molly and  I laughed for like 15 minutes as I told Molly what she said and so, we giggled forever.


Much Love and Summer Fun

Alicia and Molly


P.S. I told her that I wanted a large cheese pizza please and then continued to say hello and I want a pizza. 🙂



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