72. 24 hours with no food and 108. Have a Campfire

Remember, how way back when, well last month, I spent a few days in the hospital? And, during this occasion, I was able to complete 72. Go 24 hours with no food? Well, I did and Molly had yet to do it. She didn’t want to do it today, so we compromised.

She didn’t have to go 24 hours with no food… IF. She ate 1 tbsp of mayonnaise. She ended up only eating 1/2 but this video will haunt her forever. 🙂



Fast forward a few hours, so, just now, Molly and I attempted to do 108. Have a Campfire. My mom wasn’t home to help us, so we wung it. Needless to say, it didn’t work out very well.  We lit some paper on fire, and some twigs as well and when those were on fire, we added a log. The  log burnt for a while, but then, it became extremely windy and the fire blew out. So, we had a fire for a while but then, not so much. My mom needs to have a fire safety class so that Molly and i can learn how to make fires for the future!

Much Love and Summer Fun

Alicia and Molly

P.S. We decided to count 14. Fill a mayo jar with vanilla pudding and eat it in public from Sunday, because only Samantha and 1 other guest heard about what he said. 🙂


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