82. Play Wii and 122. Go Bowling

Good evening loves.

After Alicia, Maddy, and I watched My Week With Marilyn, we played Wii (which was originally go to an outdoor movie) and we “went” bowling. We played Mario Kart Wii and we all failed. I hate at the end when you finish the four races and you don’t get first, second, or third place and then you like are on a cliff and you look down to the award ceremony. “Better luck next time!”–yeah, after you destroy my confidence Nintendo. After we did the races, we played another Wii game called Wii Resort and that’s when we “went” bowling.

So, we didn’t go bowling. But we bowled! Yeah, it was a video game but whatever. It was accomplished–and fun too.We all did really well. And you know what, we didn’t have to wear those nasty bowling shoes. As a lover of shoes, those are just sad.

Anyway, we did archery too and then we were done.

Oh well.

Off to blog some more!

Much love and summer fun.


Molly and Alicia


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