We’re Back!

Hey everyone, if you’re all still out there. It’s Molly and Alicia and we’re back for another fun-filled summer of blogging fun!!! 🙂

I thought that I should update you all on what happened while Molly and I were hibernating from this blog.

  • School started. Fun.
  • Molly and I were able to survive the first semester of sophomore year with little issues.
  • We’ve been missing this blog so much, that ever since November we’ve been checking the stat page and started making our list.
  • We, well my dad, said that we cannot have more than 100 things on our list this summer (since we changed a handful and did the last 40 or more, in the  final three days of summer). Being the rebel I am, I want to have 101 things. 🙂
  • So far, we have 96 ish things on the list, Help! We need 5 things to put on the list in what the next 3 months.
  • Today, there are 81 days until summer. We planned on making this post today. Aren’t we special?
  • After we reached our goal of 10,000 views on the August 31st, we have gotten 7,819 views since, making our blog have a total of 17,819 views Woot! We want to have 20,000 by the time school ends, which is May 24rd.
  • Also, this summer will also be 81 days. To be honest, if it wasn’t, We would have cried. Well not really, but whatever.  Because “81 days won’t last forever” has a certain ring to it that I enjoy.

So, School ends on May 24rd, which is in 81 days. Can you wait? We sure can’t!!!!

We will be releasing the list for all of you too see on April 1st, and then we wait.

So, Much Love and Summer Fun,

Alicia and Molly. 🙂


9 thoughts on “We’re Back!

  1. Its meant to be for easter eggs but you can do it anytime, a bit of fun, we used to do it when we were young 🙂

    Hard boil 2 or 3 eggs, paint them, go to a hill and roll one down.
    When you let one go you lay down and roll after it to try and catch it 🙂
    When the shell breaks you eat the egg.

  2. Metra downtown to Union Station, ride around on a luggage cart then up stairs backwards on thescalator to the water taxi stop take a water taxi to Navy Pier where you will have a race to see you can get to the end of the pier first then take photographs of the amazingChicago skylinethat you can only see from the point of Navy Pier. On your way back to the water taxi you may want to stop and ride. The carousel or walk through the crystalgarden of Navy Pier or perhaps imitatethe children playing iron sculptures in the courtyard of Navy Pier. Back on the water taxi to the Union Station stop where you will get off and go upstairs to the Sears Tower observation deck whereyou will stand out over the city of Chicago i n their pushed out windows. Then back down the elevator jumping at least once in between floors so it’s like you’re floating on air you will get back to Union Station and buy the Windy City mix of caramel corn and cheddar corn at nuts on Clark get on the return Metra back home and call it a day. Aunt Cathryn

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