The List! 2013 edition

Well, here it is, the best moment of April, and April just  began. The 2013 Summer to do list a la Alicia and Molly.

1.) Make a rainbow cake.

2.) Make a dessert pizza.

3.) Make homemade chocolate turtles

4.) Make colored popcorn

5.) Bake something in the middle of the night

6.) Make a Redneck water slide

7.) Make fun cupcakes!

8.) Make an adventure book


10.) Make a fruit roll up fortune cookie

11.) Make ice cream

12.) Make pretzels

13.) Make string art

14.) Make puppy chow

15.) Make churros and chocolate

16.) Go whirlyballing

17.) Go bowling

18.) Go to a water park

19.) Go somewhere for every letter of the alphabet

20.) Go to Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor

21.) Walk around aimlessly for hours and see where it leads you

22.) Ceramic Art Cafe

23.) Go to Milwaukee

24.) Go to Chicago

25.) Go on a boat tour in Chi town

26.) Go to the Field Museum

27.) Go to the Museum of Science and Industry (June 4-8)

28.) Go shopping at Water Tower Place/Magnificent Mile

29.) Go to Lincoln Park

30.) Go to the Shedd Aquarium (June 17-22)

31.) Go to the Cross-Town Game (May 29th)

32.) Go to Navy Pier

33.) Go to the Sear’s Tower

34.) Go on a Ferris Wheel

35.) Go to Enchanted Castle

36.) Take the train somewhere

37.) Go see some movies

38.) Go go-karting

39.) Go laser tagging

40.) Learn how play poker

41.) Actually learn to cartwheel

42.) Learn to do the splits

43.) Learn the alphabet backwards!

44.) Learn the lyrics to “Pollito Pio”

45.) Learn to play baseball

46.) Learn sign language

47.) Play a board game

48.) Play twister

49.) Play uno

50.) Play tag in the rain and mud.

51.) Have a huge water balloon fight.

52.) Have a Star Wars marathon.

53.) Have a barbeque

54.) Have a party

55.) Have a lip-sync

56.) Have a picnic

57.) Tan Tattoo

58.) Have a Disney movie viewing party where are people need to “be our guests”, but it won’t be “under the sea”

59.) Have a paint war, wearing white shirts so we can keep the shirts.

60.) Sharpie plates and then bake the plates

61.) Cereal box note pads

62.) Paint Balloon Darts

63.) Button art

64.) Make party favors

65.) Shadow puppets

66.) Make a vlog everyday for a week and post it on youtube

67.) Make a car out of cardboard and

go through the drive through

68.) Tie-dye.

69.) Make multicolored crayons

70.) Melted crayon art

71.) T-shirt scarves

72.) Make a scrapbook

73.) Learn the handshake from the Parent Trap

74.) Write a letter to a Disney Princess





75.) Make s’mores and have a bonfire

76.) Washer necklaces

77.) Make a glitter snow globe

78.) Decorate glass cups with polka dots

79.) Jumping out of random closets in Ikea, yelling: “Oh my god, Narnia is so awesome!”

80.) Hand out lemons wearing a shirt that says “life”.

81.) At the apple store, type our blog name in the search bar

82.) Take crazy pictures.

83.) Smash a watermelon with a baseball bat

84.) Chinese fire Drill

85.) See how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop

86.) Sleep in a car for a night

87.) Manicures/Pedicures

88.) Spa day

89.) Dip dye our hair.

90.) Take a picture everyday

91.) Get our permits.

92.) Complete driver’s education.

93.) Get jobs

94.) Run a 5k

95.) Saltine cracker challenge

96.) Finish our novel/ children’s book

97.) Send people awards for being awesome/etc. with a note included explaining the blog (make on word)

98.) Pick an official summer song

99.) Write a letter to myself, and read it on the last day

100.) Write letters to each other, don’t open them until the last day.

101.) Create a video depicting the results of the summer of 2013

there we have it, 101 things and yes, we’re going to complete all 101 of these things, HOWEVER, not a single one will be changed, will some be ‘ish’es… Yes, but that’s life. So, Are you ready for another National “ISH” Summer? We are. T-minus 53 days

Much Love and Summer Fun,

Alicia and Molly 🙂


14 thoughts on “The List! 2013 edition

  1. Everything is looking mighty spiffy. I can’t wait for the summer to start. Good luck on the list madre y padre.

  2. I just read your entire blog and watched every video tonight. I LOVE what you guys did. I’m graduating from high school in 38 days and I have never done anything outside of my comfort zone. That is going to change this summer. I am going to make a bucket list and complete it. You guys gave me some really great ideas. Thank you so much for your posts.

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