99. Write a letter to myself and 100. Write a letter to Alicia (MOLLY!)

Well! It’s great to be back blogging and back to 81dayswontlastforever! After a stressful sophomore year, it’s great to have 25,000 viewers who are interested in our blog and to have a summer off. Except, this summer is chopped full of stuff, so just hold on to your pants; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

On Thursday, a day before this glorious piece of written media was about to begin, we had some technical difficulties. It was honestly one of the worst days of my life. We were locked out of the blog. I think it’s because WordPress was updating itself and things were happening, we couldn’t get into the blog. I thought my summer was over before it began. I was yelling and crying at the freaking computer. It was a mess. But thanks to my wonderful counterpart and one of the greatest people to walk this planet, Alicia was able to fix it up with a WordPress person named Karmin. (THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH!)

Anyway, onto happier things, I completed number 99 and number 100. As usual, y’all can’t know what the letters say because Alicia will see. All I can tell you is I typed them and they are really long..but awesome. And that’s all that matters. Check out Alicia’s equally as wonderful post here: https://81dayswontlastforever.wordpress.com/2013/05/27/99-write-a-letter-to-myself-and-100-write-letters-to-each-other-alicia/

To look ahead this week, this Wednesday, Alicia, Charlie (one of our fantastic newest members of the 81days family of awesome), Alicia’s dad, and I will be going to a baseball game to prelude to us learning how to play baseball. Well, I believe the correct name for that list item is watch Molly fail at an American pastime while everyone laughs at her. I’m not coordinated whatsoever; I played soccer! I played score doesn’t matter soccer from kindergarten to seventh grade. Why did I quit? Alicia will tell you exactly how I told her long ago that the league became co-ed and I didn’t want to play with the boys (because they have cooties, duh!) Wow, awesome tangent, right? Geesh. Anyway, I don’t know what else we are going to do but you’ll know soon enough!

Good day dear readers.
Thanks for 25,000 views and your support.
Get ready for an epic summer of awesome!

Remember to look at our photo a day pages, like us on Facebook, follow our Instagram and Twitter, etc.!

Much love and summer fun.


(Man, I missed those phrases!)



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