31. Go to the Crosstown Game

Hello dear readers!

Today was a great day and a fantastic way to start out summer 2013! Finally, the sun came out and it was time for a great American pastime and a rivalry of the ages: the Chicago Cubs versus the Chicago White Sox.

Alicia, Alicia’s wonderful dad Alan, Charlie, and I traveled to Wrigley Field for this wonderful game. I’ve only been to two games (both Sox games) so getting a taste of the historic Wrigley Field was a unique experience. For two teams that are from the same city, they are two completely different teams. Between the differences in the fans, the ballpark, and the overall team, there shouldn’t be a real comparison.

The very enthusiastic group: Alicia, Charlie, and me!!

The very enthusiastic group: Alicia, Charlie, and me!!

It was an intriguing game. For the parts I saw when I wasn’t on my trusty iPhone (oops), it was great. The Cubs scored many home runs and that racked up the score considerably. As you can tell, I am not one to banter on the game because I had only somewhat of a clue what was going on. Heck, I had to ask Alicia and Charlie where the scoreboard was. I don’t understand baseball to save my life. Well, maybe I could..nah. I have no idea.

The scoreboard (once I found it..haha)

The scoreboard (once I found it..haha)

Anyway, the final score was 9-3 Cubs. In honesty, I was very surprised. What am I saying? I wasn’t surprised; I had no idea what the score was going to be.

Though I didn’t take notes, I did learn many things today:

1. I learned that there is a major difference between Cubs and Sox fans

2. The Blackhawks will reunite the city of Chicago (Go Blackhawks! And yes, another sport I don’t get.)

3. Alicia’s dad and Charlie are very informed in the genre of both movies and baseball history. (Alicia and I would chirp in occasionally)

4. Even while sitting in the shade, you can get a sunburn.

5. That whoever has to wash the uniforms at the end of the game really needs to win an award. I’ve never seen whiter uniforms.

6. If you really know what’s going on and you aren’t pretending you understand, baseball can be really interesting.

7. I still have no idea how to play baseball. What they teach you in 6th grade physical education is totally different from what happens in real life.

8. The best part of a baseball game in the modern world is photobombing people’s pictures.

9. The city of Chicago can really jam out to “Take me out to the Ballgame.”

Well, I know I had a fantastic day and I learned a lot. I really hope that Charlie enjoyed his first blog activity and I hope Alicia enjoyed being in my presence. We all know she loves me. 🙂

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Much love and summer fun!


Molly, Alicia, and Charlie



9 thoughts on “31. Go to the Crosstown Game

  1. I love an afternoon at the ballpark…even though I hardly know a thing about playing baseball! I certainly didn’t learn anything about it in my jr. high P.E. class (most of the time I stood in the outfield hoping nothing ever came my way). My hubby is a HUGE baseball fan, so he’s taught me a few things. But even if I really don’t know all the intricacies, I still enjoy the romance of the game, the crazy fans, and the really bad-for-you food. If you ever want to learn a li’l (or a lot) about the game and it’s amazing history – and if you have a LOT of time to spare – check out the Ken Burns documentary. It’s simply titled “Baseball” and it’s on Netflix at the moment. Highly recommended.

    • That’s really interesting! I was the same way during PE. It was a matter of how far away can I stand and still get points for the day? Haha. I really wanted to watch that documentary for awhile now. I’m glad you liked it. Now I’ll have to check it out!

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