47. Play a board game!

Hello all, so today was quite a busy day for Molly and I. Last night I was asked if I could babysit some kids for my neighbors and I happily obliged. However, there were 9 little rascals and I knew I needed Molly’s help. So, after two and a half hours of hide-and-seek, a failed attempt at duck-duck-goose, many trips to the kitchen, and finishing off the time with Scooby doo and drinking imaginary tea, Molly and I were beat. However, we did manage to walk the half mile or so from my house to Molly’s to  be able to complete 47.  Play a board game. What fun,what fun.

We were able to accomplish this item, with none other than our friend Alex, who you may remember from our zoo trip last summer, anywho, yes it was a blast. So, we played dachshund- opoly. It’s like monopoly but instead of boardwalk and park place, there are  different types and names of dachshunds. Now, I may say that I was the only one who had ever played monopoly, or some version of it, however Molly and Alex caught on rather rapidly. It’s not that hard, and I even had the honor of opening the dachshund-opoly box, very big deal, I know.

The very fun box

The very fun box

Beginning the game

Beginning the game

So, throughout this very intense game of dachshund-opoly or more like ‘Alicia buying all the property and everyone else landing on that property, having to pay rent and making Alicia happy” got bored. And then one of us would go on our phone, so the other two would as well, and then we’d forget whose turn it was, or I would just roll for them.




So, after a bit of selfie taking, and contemplating how this game ever ends, and me sharing my story of how I finished one game ever because my cousin was dumb, sold me boardwalk, and I put hotels on that and park place, and he landed on  both of them in the same turn, and he cashed out and I won. Alex decided to attempt to quit, After about a half an hour of him trying to quit, Molly got mad and flipped the board. Thus, ending the game. We decided that I won because I had the most property, toys and bones (instead of houses and hotels) and still had about $5000 more dollars to spare.



After Molly flipped the board, with all of the little pieces we were still finding them as we were getting ready to leave. Nice Molly, someone’s a sore loser. 🙂


Anyways, it was a very nice day of board game playing and babysitting.


81 days won’t last forever

Much Love and Summer Fun

Alicia, Molly, and Alex





7 thoughts on “47. Play a board game!

  1. To Alicia and Alex, I am partially to blame for Molly flipping the board! I too have done that while playing Monopoly with my siblings….they were cheating though!

  2. Hehehehe! Are you sure board flipping isn’t in the rules? I’m pretty sure there’s something that says, “If players have been playing for what seems like an eternity, and/or any player is obviously winning and making the game miserable for everyone else, and/or any player gets deathly bored and would rather watch paint dry than play anymore, any player, whether winning, losing, or cheating, may flip the board at any time.” If that isn’t a rule…it should be. 🙂

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