91. Get our permits and 93. Get a job (Molly!)

Hello there! It was a very adventurous day in Mollyland today.  Though Alicia and I just started Drivers Ed on Monday, we are able to take the permit test any day after that Monday.  After trying to psych myself up for the past year, I finally decided that I had to do it. At first, I was afraid to get on the whole driving bandwagon, but now that I have the permit and I drove (I’ll get into that later..), I don’t really get why I was freaking out before.

My experience with the DMV (or Driver’s Services) wasn’t a pleasant one. Except, I don’t know if any one has a pleasant experience with the DMV. The people weren’t very happy people and it made me sad. I didn’t want to say or do anything because I didn’t want to get yelled at. My fabulous mom and I got to the DMV around 1:00ish (See, ish is back from last summer!! Woot!) and we were able to get out of there by 2:15. I by no means was there for three hours. Oh god; that would be so bad. There is only so long I can sit in a hard plastic chair and wait. I have the attention span of a three year old. And it wasn’t helping that I was shaking uncontrollably. I have anxiety issues, obviously.

By the time I was called (lucky F660), I was able to give the lady all of my paperwork. She didn’t seem so thrilled to help me, but hey, whatever. Then you have to take a vision test in addition to a writing one. I didn’t realize that the vision test also checks your peripheral vision. So when the lady asked if I saw the blinking lights, I had no idea where they were going to be. I’ve had glasses since I was three and I have been to the eye doctor more times than I can count and I am used to having the stuff be in front of me, not next to me! What a concept! I passed even though I was slightly embarrassed. Oops.

Finally, I was able to get in line for the written exam and it was honestly the easiest thing I’ve taken. I got only one wrong, but hey! Some people have had to take the test at least three times. There was a guy in front of me and it was his third time taking it and he got four wrong..so my one was ok in my book! And I don’t understand people. There was another guy and he went to the bathroom and took his test with him! I mean, have you ever taken a test before? If you have to go potty in the middle of the test, you can’t. End of story. My test was graded so I walked away. People these days. Person, you are going to be on the roads? Maybe I don’t want to drive….

After waiting so all the fancy people with driver’s licenses could get their pictures taken, I finally got my permit. One of the greatest expressions on people’s faces is when they get their driver’s license and they are smiling at it and really excited. It’s kinda weird too but if I got excited for a sheet a paper, I think I will get excited for a piece of plastic too.

Afterwards, my mom and I went to another place so I could get fingerprinted for my new job as a food server in a retirement community (number 93. Get a job). I was just chopped full of doing adult things today, jeesh.

Then, my wonderful mother decided that it was going to be time for me do go behind the wheel. We went to a large empty parking lot at a Baptist church near our house and she put the car in park and then got out. I too got out of the car and got in the driver’s seat. Hesitantly, I put on the seat belt and she showed me the different gears and the turn signals and stuff. Then, it was time to go into drive.

I idled for a while and in my mom’s blue Forester. Driving a car is nothing like my prior driving practice of Mario Kart Wii. Cars go fast. I handled it and I even turned both ways. AND! I used my turn signal. Success. My mom said that there was only one time where she was worried and wish she had a brake, but, that’s one time on day one;  I’m ok with that. I felt bad and kept feeling like I had to say sorry because the whole braking thing is an utterly new thing to me. I didn’t understand the whole gentle thing with the brakes; it’s a hard concept. I felt as though my poor passenger was going to knock her head on the dashboard–oops!

After driving in circles and making sure to keep my hands on the wheel while I turned (I guess your hands have to stay on the wheel..what?!?..I’m just kidding.), I was done. My poor shoulders haven’t relaxed since the drive and I don’t think I was breathing at all. But hey, you do what you gotta do.

Anyway, looking ahead for the week’s end, on Friday, it’s definite that Alicia and I are going to “run” a 5K. Whoever was stupid enough to decide to run it (me..cough, cough) is a total idiot. The last time I did a mile was last August for gym class. And then we had a semester off for Health class and my physical activity consists of taking long romantic walks to the refrigerator during breaks of Arrested Development. Netflix is a dangerous substance people. I mean, I did take a long walk yesterday and I got a mocha. It was eh–the mocha, not the walk. The walk was long. However, I have been doing the stretches my dear favorite cheerleader and tumbler extraordinaire Samantha showed Alicia and I for learning how to do the splits. I’m really close –which is not close at all in normal people’s standards..

And thanks for 27, 142 views. There are no words that Alicia and I can express to show how we really feel. You guys (and gals of course!) are what makes us continue to go. Doing the blog with my bestest friend in the land, my co-editor-in-chief of the yearbook of awesome, co-president of a club we are involved in, and my bestest friend is the junior class president (what up!), is one of the highlights of my whole life. Knowing that there are wonderful people here who care about us really makes me feel good and that this blog does have a purpose:  our purpose is to inspire and create lifelong memories and that’s more than anyone can ask for. Before I get too nauseated, I have to say adios. Continue reading; it means a lot.

Well, I have nothing else to say except I really need to go to sleep because it has been a long day.

Oh! And of course!

Much love and summer fun!

Molly and Alicia

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5 thoughts on “91. Get our permits and 93. Get a job (Molly!)

  1. It was a good day! Molly’s driving wasn’t as nerve wracking as she thinks…just needs to keep hands on wheel when turning! And I need to be clearer on instructions! I am looking forward to reading more posts!

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