91. Get our permits. (Alicia)

Well, unlike Molly, my DMV experience was rather nice, not speedy, but the people at the DMV my mom and I went to were rather nice. We first went to the one that Molly got her permit, but at 7:30 yesterday, there were a good 50 people waiting outside, so we decided to not wait. However, when we got to the other DMV, the parking lot was completely full, and finally after waiting a good 20 minutes to park, there were about 40 people ahead of us outside, so we waited. For 8:30 in the morning, everyone was very chipper an unlike our driver’s ed instructor told us, didn’t seem to hate their job.

After we got in and checked in, got a number, there was another 30 minute wait, thankfully, due to my phone, it was bearable. My phone did solve the waiting problem, but the terrible B.O. stench wasn’t. And finally after that waiting, I was able to take the permit test, without missing a single question, Woohoo for me, and I signed a sheet of paper, and I was legally able to drive with a parent from 6am-10pm. That’s a big deal if you ask me.

So, after that, my mom and I went to practice in a cemetery. I never went above 15 mph and my mom, no matter how chill she seemed on the outside, was screaming inside. She said I did really well for my first time and she only had to tell me to lay off the brake twice. I was even able to accomplish my first 3-point turn, it took about 5 minutes but I did it. Yay.

Stay off the roads!

81 days won’t last forever

Much Love and Summer Fun!

Alicia and my permit



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