63. Make button art


Today, Alicia, Maddy, and I did number 63. Make button art. Make button art was on our list last year (and then our list got revamped..again..and again..and again..) and it was sadly taken off.  However, we finally made stuff! Woot.  Plus, it was quite rainy today and a great day to do a project.

Supplies needed.

Supplies needed.

We got to work with our projects. And as you can tell, we were very serious artists.





Except Alicia. She wasn’t very serious.

Our projects came out quite well and I can’t wait to hang mine on the wall with my crayon art.




Before I depart, thanks to all our avid readers who read continuously. As of 8:15 PM, we have 28,351 views. We can’t thank you enough. Our readers make the blog for us!

Thanks to all!

Much love and summer fun!



Molly, Alicia, and Maddy



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