49.) Play uno

Hey everyone, so on Thursday, Molly, myself, and a few friends were able to play an intense (not really) game of uno and many other fun card games.

So, uno is quite a fun game, especially if you’re Molly and I playing with some friends and senior citizens at a club we go to every Wednesday.

Well, what we pictured to be very intense, ended up being all of us on our phones, Molly getting mad at us for being on our phones, forgetting whose turn it was, me volunteering to go, which kept cycling until we just gave up. So, after giving up on uno, we played go fish, and this really weird but intense game that Alex showed us, it’s hard to explain or I would, and then us eating food.

So, what Molly and I learned, is that senior citizens are more fun to play bingo with than our friends… Sorry guys but it’s true.

81 days won’t last forever

Much Love and Summer Fun

Alicia, Molly, Samantha, Julia, and Alex


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