97. Send people awards for being awesome


During this school year, Alicia and I realized that there are many people in our lives who have changed our lives in many different ways. From the our best friends who help out with the blog, the most friendly kid in school, or the ones who have inspired us, we decided that they needed some recognition. There won’t be a grand party or awards ceremony (darn, I like parties), but we think a little memento of how awesome they are will do. The letters are currently addressed and ready to be shipped out and we hope that the recipients will enjoy their little surprise. To everyone out there, no matter if you will receive an award or not, know that without you, our lives would be completely different.

To our devoted readers, we thank you and we give you all the awards we can. Without you, there would be no blog (and I think that would be sad for everyone). We can’t believe that two teenagers from a small suburb of Chicago can win three blog awards and have 30,601 views on our blog. It’s amazing to us and we are just so grateful.


The envelopes spread out on my floor.

So, if you have received an award, comment below or contact us in another way. All we can really say is thank you.

Enjoy your day!

Much love and summer fun!


Molly and Alicia


3 thoughts on “97. Send people awards for being awesome

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