3. Make homemade chocolate turtles and 60. Sharpie plates and bake them


Today Alicia and I did two things on our list. We first made homemade chocolate turtle…brownies. We were originally going to to make the candy that has a pecan and then chocolate and caramel covering it. We decided (well, I decided) the brownies would be less labor intensive and more delicious. Plus, we needed a way to bribe our friends into helping Alicia and me put together a manual for our yearbook class. We wrote almost everything for that book and we honestly don’t want to put it together. What can I say? The co-editors-in-chief are lazy.

Anyway, I found the brownie recipe on Pinterest. Pinterest in the world of having a summer blog is the greatest creation. We got all of our craft ideas from Pinterest. I’m addicted; it’s bad.

Here is the recipe we followed: http://www.cooksrecipes.com/bar/chocolate_turtle_brownies_recipe.html

They were really easy to make and we enjoyed the corner piece we ate. Gosh, it was so freaking good.

And, well ah! They are done!


While the delicious brownies were cooking away, we also completed 60. Sharpie plates and bake them. This is indeed a Pinterest craft. The designs people do are absolutely gorgeous. Ours came out great too. Except, there was one small blunder on the part of the former writing editor of a high school yearbook: I spelled knowledge wrong and then I baked the plate. However, because the plate was still warm, I was able to fix it.


While inscribing a Marilyn Monroe quote on her plate, she works quickly, but with a steady hand.

IMG_1889 IMG_1931


I was so proud of my plate however  Alicia and I didn’t notice knowledge was spelled wrong. Ergh.


The “finished” plates before we noticed the mistake.



My plates after I fixed the word.

The finished plates!

The finished plates!

Much love and summer fun!


Molly and Alicia

PS: Did you like Alicia’s shirt? That’s the one she made this year..I think?

PPS: I made our pretzels again. I think Alicia is the pretzel making good luck charm.

PPPS: My fantastic madre mailed the awards out to those fantastic people so congratulations to them!












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