37. Go see some movies and 87. Manicures/pedicures

Hello all!

Before 81dayswontlastforever goes on a brief hiatus due to the fact I’ll be in Disney World with my mom and sister, Alicia and I have some blogging to catch up with. Today, after a week of being extremely busy, Alicia, our friend Alex (who has helped out with the blog), and I went and saw Monsters University. It was ok, not phenomenal like previous Pixar releases.

Overall, I would give it about 3 out of 5 stars. The overall plot wasn’t very thought out and though the characters already had some background with Monsters Inc, the prequel was not needed. (SPOILERS AHEAD)
It was interesting how Mike and Randall (the good guy and the bad guy) were roommates in college and then their relationship drastically changed when Sulley joined the scene and it was nice that Randall’s character foreshadowed information of Monsters Inc such as there was a poster on the dorm wall that said “The Winds of Change” or how Randall and the Mike/Sulley duo were competing, and Mike even made the OK team do scary feet and pre-scaring exercises. I thought in the first movie, Mike seemed to be a pretty confident character and all the other monsters liked him but in the prequel, he was bullied.

I didn’t understand why one of the OK fraternity brothers was an older guy who ended up with the one character’s mom. That was a weird add-on that was completely unnecessary…Heck, the whole movie was unnecessary. And the ending with the campers? What was that all about? And then how the professors kept talking about Sulley’s father. It was played up so much and then towards the end of the movie, there was no references again. Is there a deleted scene that the viewers should see?

And usually the short films that play before the movie are really good. For example, La Luna which played before Brave was amazing and creative. Or, one of my favorites: For the Birds which played before Monsters Inc was movie magic. My second favorite, Partly Cloudy, should have been a movie in itself. However, The Blue Umbrella  was a disappointment. It was a cute five minute love story..about two umbrellas. Alex said that if the short had a yellow umbrella instead it would have been How I Met Your Mother.  

Anyway, so Monsters University like many prequels (and sequels–I’m looking at you Cars 2) should not have been made. A wise teacher Alicia and I had in eighth grade said no movie should ever need a sequel and I agree. Sequels and such just become money makers instead of an original feature.

So, after finishing the movie and our lunch at Chipotle, Alex left because Alicia and I got manicures and pedicures. It was super relaxing and the guy who did my nails was very kind.

At the particular nail place I go to, they always have HGTV on the TV and I don’t understand two things about the houses they have on that channel. One: The house, no matter if it’s a $200,000 house or a $948,000 house, the furnishings are horrible and the walls are the most horrid colors I have ever seen. Who has a $948,000 house and just a bed with a white down comforter in their “master suite”? And the second thing that confuses me is the kitchens! You want the people to purchase an almost one million dollar house that has a kitchen that is smaller than the one we have in our two bedroom house in the burbs? Really? If my house was almost a million dollars, that thing would have at least an island in the middle of the kitchen!

Anyway, for Alicia’s nails, she picked a light purple for her toe nails and she picked almost a tomato red for her fingernails. Both look splendid, of course.

Modeling her tomato-y nails.

Modeling her tomato-y nails.


For my nails, I chose a light pink for my fingers and a teal for my toes.


My very pudgy toes.

My very pudgy toes.

One thing that separates Alicia and I is that Alicia is very tickleish. When you get a pedicure, they rub this thing on your foot to soften the skin on the bottom of your feet. Well, when you are tickleish and they do this, it’s sort of the funniest thing I have ever witnessed. Oh poor Alicia. According to the guy who did my nails, I flinched once..but who’s counting?

So, that concludes our adventure for today. Alicia probably will be posting things about our vlogs and then our arts and crafts day. So, look for that!

Much love and summer fun!



Alex, Molly, and Alicia



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